2011 First College Cup Equestrian Competition
 Date: May 15, 2011,  Place: Shanhaiguan Equestrian Center, Danshui
 B 1:      Wayne Huang (V)    Mingchuan University        Buzz        56,06%      7th
             Rain Yang    (G II)    Chihlee Institute of Techn. Buzz        50,98%      14th
 B 2:      Ulan Mukashev (V)   Yuanze University            Phydalco  60,17%       4th
              Koshoibek Moidunov (V) Yuanze University     Buzz        56,00%       9th 
 P:          Sun Yu-jen (G III)     Vanung University           Nelson      59,54%      4th
 2011 3rd National Dressage Ranking Competition
 Date: May 15th, 2011, Danshui
 B 1:    Candy Liu            Buzz Lightyear            59,41%        1st
       Lan Chu-an          Buzz Lightyear         53.24%        3rd
 P         Alain Chang         Sky                           55,06%
 M:        Alain Chang         Nelson                      53,75%
 33rd Chung Cheng Cup, National Dressage Competition
 Date: March 13th, 2011, Houli
 B2:           Zhou Yixuan           Baiwa                  56,25%
                 Amy Chang            Buzz Lightyear     56,00%
                 Zhou Yixuan           Buzz Lightyear     54,75%
P:              Sun Yu-Jen             Phydalco             60,62%      
                 Yang Pei-ling          Baiwa                  58,27%
E:              Sun Yu-Jen            Phydalco              56.76%        3rd
 6th Hope Cup 2010
International Invitational Dressage Competition     
 for Physically and Mentally Challenged Riders
 Date: November 6th, Place: ThRCT  
2010 Ashburn CPEDI3*
Rider: Sun Yu-Jen (Grade III)
Results: Team Test                                2nd place            55,926%             
             Individual Champianships           2nd place            56,116%
             Freestyle                                  2nd place            56,333%
Newspaper: 1, 2
2010 ZhongZheng-Cup National Dressage Competition
B1:  Rain Yang            63,24%     Preliminary: Yang Peiling    62,18%
       Amy Chang          59,71%                        Sun Yu-jen      60,00%
       Liang Yucheng      58,24%     Elementary: Sun Yu-jen      59,26%
       Zhou Yixuan         57,94%                         
5th Hope Cup 2009
2009 Kreuttal CPEDI4*
Rider: Sun Yu-Jen (Grade III)
Results: Team Test                                5th place            52,231%             
           Individual Champianships          4th place            58,64%
              Freestyle                                 5th place            58,55%
2009 ZhongZheng-Cup National Dressage Competition
2008 Hope Cup Invitational Riding Competition for Disabled Riders
Rider's Introduction
ThRCT joins 10th RDA Yokohama Championships with a group of 7 riders,  Results Article (Akai)
2 ThRCT coaches visit Hong Kong for Paralympic Equestrian Competition and Farwell-Party for the Head of the FEI Paraequestrian Committee, Jonquil Solt, Photos
 Rider: Sun Yu-Jen (Grade III)
 Results: Team Test                             1st place            56,538%             
           Individual Champianships          1st place            59,067%
             Freestyle                               1st place            65,092%