The 3rd College Cup
  Date: May 19th, 2013
  Place: Shan Hai Guan Equestrian Centre, Danshui
joined by Sun, Yu-jen (Para-Equestrian Rider, Grade 2),
              1st row, 1st from right

              Zhan, Shu-ya (ThRCT Physiotherapist)
              1st row, 3rd from right
              Zhang, Li-yun (ThRCT Volunteer)
              1st row, 2nd from left    
  35rd Chung Cheng Cup, National Dressage Competition 
   Date: March 9th, 2013
   Place: Houli

   joined by (from right to left)
                   Sun, Yu-jen (Para-Equestrian Rider, Grade 2)
                   Lu, Yu-shan (ThRCT Instructor in Training)
                   Li, Ya-hui (ThRCT Instructor)
                   Zhou, Yi-xuan (Volunteer)

 Look at the article featuring Therapeutic Riding in Taiwan! 

 June 2012 Newsletter of the International Organization of Physical Therapists in Pediatrics

                                   2012 Hope Cup
International Invitational Dressage       
   for Physically and Mentally Challenged Riders

   Date: October 20th, 2012,  Place: ThRCT    
      Downloads: letter, rules, entry in principleentry, group entry

      Tests:     Grade 1a NoviceGrade 1a Freestyle
                     Grade 1b NoviceGrade 1b Freestyle
Grade 2 Novice, Grade 2 Freestyle
Grade 3 Novice, Grade 3 Freestyle
Grade 4 NoviceGrade 4 Freestyle





     Next HETI Congress 2015 in Taiwan!

    Date: June 22-25, 2015

     Place: Aletheia University, Danshui, New Taipei City


      Make your plans, save your money, and stay tuned... 



 34th Chung Cheng Cup National Dressage Competition

 March 25th, 2012, Houli  

B2:            Zhou Yixuan    Nelson                    57,75%
                 Amy Chang      Phydalco                57,75%
                 Zhang Liyun     Phydalco                53,75%
P:              Alain Chang     Sky                        55,75%       
E:              Sun Yu-Jen      Phydalco                56,85%
                 Sun Yu-Jen       Nelson                   56,67%



  7th Hope Cup 2011

  Equestrian Competition for Physically and Mentally  

   Date: October 29th, Place: ThRCT

    Downloads: Rules, Entry, 
                      Prix Caprilli, 2010 FEI Team Test 1a
                      2010 FEI Team Test 1b, 2010 Team Test 2
                      2010 Team Test 3


Executive Committee of "The Federation for Horses in Education and Therapy International" (HETI) meeting in Greece with the organisation committee of the XIV Congress of Therapeutic Riding being held April 24-27 in Athens 2012



 Far left: Uta Rindfleisch-Wu, HETI EC Member from Taiwan 




   1-Day Clinic with FEI PE - Judge Mr. Nick Rodgers

   Date: May 28th, 2011

   Place: The Therapeutic Riding Centre of Taiwan


ThRCT Volunteer Ulan Mukashev from Kyrgystan with a cheer group from Yuanze University.


 2011 First College Cup Equestrian Competition

    Date: May 15, 2011

    Place: Shanhaiguan Equestrian Center, Danshui

    B 1:    Wayne Huang (V) Mingchuan University         56,06%  7th  

              Rain Yang(G II)  Chihlee Institute of Techn.   50,98%  14th           

    B 2:    Ulan Mukashev (V) Yuanze University             60,17%  4th

              Koshoibek Moidunov (V) Yuanze University     56,00%  9th 
    P:      Sun Yu-jen (G III)       Vanung University           59,54% 4th


          1st place for Candy Liu in the B 1 Division.




 2011 3rd National Dressage Ranking Competition

 May 15th, 2011 in Danshui


 3rd place for Sun Yu-Jen in the Elementary Division.




 33rd Chung Cheng Cup, National Dressage Competition

 March 13th, 2011, Houli




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Taiwans best Para Equestrian Sun Yu-Jen was 3rd placed in the CTEA Elementary Dressage Rankings 2010!
The Therapeutic Riding Centre of Taiwan was awarded for its contributions to the organisation of the FEI General Assembly in Taipei 2010.





Chinese Taipei Equestrian Association

2010 Award Ceremony

on January 17th, 2011 


From left: Amrei Becker, Dr. Angelika Trabert, Uta Rindfleisch-Wu

   (photo by uway) 

FEI 2010 Against All Odds Award


The Taiwan Adventure

(Report written by Dr. Angelika Trabert)


FEI GA and Hope Cup 2010 (FRDI Newsletter p11-13


     6th Hope Cup 2010, 
   International Invitational Dressage Competition     
   for Physically and Mentally Challenged Riders
   Date: November 6th, Place: ThRCT    
    Special Guest: Angelika Trabert, Germany
     We welcome riders from Australia, Hong Kong and Singapore! 
     Members for the Taiwan Team were chosen through a
qualifying competition on October 17th.
     Results, Photos, RDA HK Photos, Link to Singapore EA 
    Therapeutic Riding Workshop with Anita Shkedi
    Date: September 27-28, 2010
     Place: The Therapeutic Riding Centre of Taiwan
                 77, Yuying Road,
     Contact: Uta Rindfleisch-Wu:
          Anita will introduce lesson plans for children with different
     conditions (CP, DCD, ADHD).
     She will show how to plan for group lessons and for single 
There will be practical demonstrations.
     CPEDI3* in Ashburn, Ontario, Canada
     May 28-30, 2010
     Grade III rider Sun Yu-Jen wins 3 silver medals on 
     Legacy, owned by Jackie Norman of Bluebarn Stables
     Famous Taiwan Children Program features THRCT 
     and Sun Yu-jen
   THE HOPE CUP 2009 - Taiwan

   Invitational Riding Competition for Disabled Riders

     Long Awaited Opening of THRCT Indoor Arena

  Therapeutic Riding in the Stage of Early   

  Workshop with Anita Shkedi

  Date: September 27th -28th, 2009


August, 2009

  Congratulations to THRCT Program Director Uta 
being elected into the FRDI
  Executive Committee
  FRDI Newsletter



July 15, 2009

  Para-Rider Sun Yu-Jen is awarded the
  “Educational Award of   the ROC-President”
   CPEDI4* Kreuttal, Austria
   June 18-21, 2009
    Sun Yu-Jen on Pony Stallion Alibaba, Gestüt
    Wagner, Germany

May 1, 2009

  Start of new cooperation program with the
  Taoyuan County  
  CP-Association, supported by the Taoyuan County
  Government,   Department of Social Affairs

February 2-4, 2009

  Para-Rider Training Camp

November 29th, 2008

   2008 Hope Cup Invitational Riding Competition for
   Disabled Riders,
Rider's Introduction

November, 2008

  Retired jumping crack "Holy" joins forces

October 11, 2008 

  THRCT joins 10th RDA Yokohama Championships
   with a group of 7 riders  Article

September, 2008

  2 THRCT coaches visit Hong Kong for Paralympic
   Equestrian Competition and Farwell-Party for the
   Head of the FEI Paraequestrian Committee,
   Jonquil Solt, Photos

April, 2008

Grey German Riding Pony “Buzz Lightyear”
   donated to ThRCT

March-June, 2008

   Hippotherapy Program for 2 Centers for Early 
   Development, ACPC and Zhonghe Diyi

March 16, 2008

   1st PE Invitational Riding Competition in Taiwan
   with 5 riders joining

March 7-9, 2008

   Grade III rider from Taiwan joins Guangdong
   International PE Dressage Championships CPEDI*
   and wins two Gold Medals

Feb. 21-24, 2008

   Physiotherapist Chan Sue-ya attends AHA Level   
   II Course in Texas, USA

February 2008

   Taipei Expat Magazine features the ThRCT

January 21-25, 2008

   Drama-Riding-Camp for Disabled Riders

Jan. 5-6, 2008

   FEI Classifier’s Course with FEI Head Classifier Dr.
   Chris Meaden